Alison Watts

Voices from the Asylum

Voices from the Asylum is a dramatic monologue that showcases the seldom heard voices of patients which can be uncomfortable to hear. It includes readings from Bedlam at Botany Bay by James Dunk and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey;

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Asylum Staff Cricket Team

James Neilson BRADLEY (1868–1943)James BRADLEY was born in Sandhurst (Bendigo), one of seven children of William BRADLEY and Jane NEILSON. In 1892 he married Ida Emily SCOPES and they had three children, all born in Beechworth. He had a short

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Beechworth Asylum

The former Beechworth Asylum, built in 1867, is located at Albert Rd, Beechworth, VictoriaIt and has had several name changes over the years: In 1863 the Victorian government selected sites for three new lunatic asylum: Beechworth, Ararat and Kew. The

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Edith Harrington

Edith Agnes HARRINGTON was a patient in Mayday Hills from about 1950 until her death in December 1980. She is remembered by staff because of the exquisite and unusual embroidery she loved to do, examples of which are on display

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Award for Excellence

We’re very proud to announce this article was awarded the Inclusive Museum International Award for Excellence: Collections from the Asylum in 2024. Building on the success of the exhibition Collections from the Asylum in 2020 held at the Albury Library

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