Mayday Hills

Encounter the former mental asylum
at Beechworth, Victoria, Australia


Mayday Hills has a strong sense of place for many people connected to it’s history. This online display of drone footage, artefacts and stories from former staff, patients, families and Beechworth residents records the significant sense of place in the history of Victoria and the role it played in early psychiatry.

This website is created with a seed grant from Telematics Trust to provide virtual tours of the grand buildings and grounds of Mayday Hills Mental Asylum and the Beechworth Cemetery.


Beechworth Cemetery Virtual Tour

Fly over Beechworth Cemetery to find the return soldiers headstones that were former asylum patient.
Find out more about the Return Soldiers Project here

Mayday Hills Virtual Tour

Fly over the former Mayday Hills Asylum and listen to two former staff members identify the buildings and patient activities.

Virtual Exhibition

Visit the virtual exhibition held at Albury Library Museum
Collections from the Asylum: Past Lives, Present Tense

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